House of Awareness

Transformation starts with awareness

House of Awareness

At House of Awareness we offer you a place where you can increase your wellbeing by becoming more aware. With awareness you become more resilient, more open and more compassionate. By practicing awareness you increase insight into the nature of your emotions, thoughts and behavioral patterns, and in that way you are able to get to know yourself better.

All of our services are online, so you can practice in the comfort of your own home, or any place you like. We offer as little or as much guidance as you prefer.

You can use our meditations by yourself, book a 1on1 session to get you started or get a personal program that meets your needs.


Our online meditations help you to:

Learn To Cope
With Daily Stress​

Improve your

chronic pain

Decrease anxiety
and depression


We help you transform into a happier version of yourself.


Meditation & Psychology


Becoming aware is the first step in contemporary psychology practices, coaching and counselling. Awareness is also an important part in meditation.

At House of Awareness we offer you the best of both. We provide meditations that are based on iRest Yoga Nidra and mindfulness. iRest Yoga Nidra and mindfulness meditations are evidence based practices, with many benifits. Research shows that these meditations are effective in decreasing anxiety, depression, sleep problems, chronic pain and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If needed, meditations can also be combined with evidence-based Psychological interventions. 


Hi! I am Saskia,

a licensed health care psychologist, meditator, mindfulness and yoga instructor. It’s my mission to help people feel better using both my knowledge from western psychology and ancient eastern wisdom.

I started House of Awareness after I went through a big change in my own life. Being aware and observing the feelings I was experiencing during this difficult time helped me to make healthy choices to deal with the stress. During this time I discovered Yoga Nidra; and I was hooked! I was already teaching mindfulness and I started to tell patients about Yoga Nidra and was amazed by the results! People who tried to suppress emotions for years started to feel again without fear! 

Just like therapy, Yoga Nidra increases awareness. I believe that awareness is the key to transformation and in the busy lives we are living awareness is often lacking.

I love to help people become more aware of their thought and behavior patterns so that they can change and experience more joy and wellbeing in their lives. This is what I have been doing as a psychologist and mindfulness teacher! I know from personal experience that meditation is a way to achieve more calmness and peace. More and more I have begun integrating meditation in the treatments I provide and I have learned that meditation is a great addition to psychological treatment. Because it is so beneficial I want meditation to be available for everyone and That is what i want to offer you with House of Awareness: a place where you can learn to meditate, deepen your meditation and if necessary combine meditation with modern psychology.

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